Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Eyeliner Review

rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner

With the Christmas party season almost upon us, it’s time to reacquaint our eyes with the decadent, smoky looks. Let’s talk liners.

Allow me to introduce you to the Scandal’Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner, the newest addition to Rimmel’s Scandal’Eyes collection.

rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner

I’ve used Rimmel’s cosmetics for years, because their products are affordable and improving all the time. Rimmel’s Scandalise mascara is brilliant, so trying their liner was a no brainer.

It was love at first line. I actually prefer it to my Dolce & Gabbanna liner *gasps*!


  • It’s the blackest black I’ve ever seen in a liner.
  • It does as it’s told and stays put! Other liners run off my lids, or get board after a couple of hours and decide to vanish, but this stays on all day.
  • It’s waterproof, making it ideal for coping in winter showers, and when you’re crying because it’s ridiculously cold – or is that just me?
  • Forget scratchy, patchy lines, the soft, velvety pencil glides on almost like liquid, making it easier to get a neat, slick line.
  • It costs £3.99!


Because the kohl is so soft, you only have to use it a couple of times before you’re sharpening it again; and it needs to be sharp or it will glide everywhere, and you won’t get a good flick. For this reason I can’t see it lasting me as long as my other pencils, but as it’s only £3.99, it’s not a big deal.

rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner

Have you tried this eyeliner? What do you think?

For a super slick, long-lasting gel liner, check out L’Oreal’s Super Liner Gel Intenza.

35 Responses to “Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Eyeliner Review”
  1. Ohhhhh LOVE this!
    I adore a good smokey eye…..


  2. Jackie K says:

    mine wont twist! am i doing something wrong? i think your supposed to twist the bottom to get more out but mine wont twist! what should i do?

  3. Michele W says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me how to sharpen this eyeliner!!!!!! I really love this liner but couldn’t figure out how to sharpen it. I tried twisting it, I even broke the bottom off to see if it was just broken. I didn’t think to try to use a sharpener because it looks like plastic around the crayon, duh! thank you so very much!!

  4. Amie says:

    LOVE these !!!! Fave one is called tempting turquoise!! I get at least 6-10 compliments a day!!! Only problem? I can’t find a sharpener that will sharpen at all! I’ve bought every makeup one I can find and cuz it hard plastic it won’t sharpen only Ruin?? I have to keep buying a New one every week! Just to keep this color around to wear… :( plz help?? Its my very fave stick/eye crayon…

  5. Cheryl Kramer says:

    I love the liner too but can’t s
    harpen it with any of my sharpeners–it just keeps breaking off.

    • Oh no, really? Maybe you just got a dodgy one where the liner is shattered down the pencil. Don’t really know what to suggest, mine breaks but only if I sharpen it too much x

  6. Suzanne Stair says:

    There should be sharpening INSTRUCTIONS on the packaging !

    • Charlotte Mason says:

      I agree. I am left with just a stub, which falls off when I start to use it again. Waste of a good product and expensive to keep replacing the liners since I like the green, violet and turquoise colors as well as the grey.

      How can you not sharpen it too much? Either it winds up not fully sharpened and too wide to use or if you sharpen it to a sort-of point, it falls off! HELP!!!

  7. Jill says:

    iv been using this liner for the past few days, and I really do like it. Its just as smooth as the urban decay 24 / 7 liners, but these do not smudge and transfer onto my lower lids like urban decay’s does. I have oily lids and watery eyes, and this stays on well throughout an entire work day and also enduring a 2 hour sweat session at the gym. It lasts until I remove it at night, not to mention, that its extremely quick and easy to use in the morning if you are a busy person trying to get to work on time. I wear contacts, and this does not irritate my eyes either.

  8. Leone Evrenos says:

    Just gone to sharpen this pencil for the first time and it just keeps breaking off! have now given up as it’s all over my hands and is a nuisance to clean off!

  9. Ann Heeney says:

    Love the eye pencil but sharpening it is almost impossible. Why would a company make such an outstanding eye pencil that needs to be manually sharpened?

  10. Mary Anne says:

    I agree … there should be sharpening instructions on these pencils. I used to use Maybelline’s red plastic pencils that used a screw-on crayon. I thought this might be similar. Miss my old style ones. They were so easy and neat. I guess they were not cost effective.

  11. april says:

    I agree shouldn’t be this hard to sharpen

    • Colleen says:

      I agree also. Should have a sharpener in package or make a rollable pencil like revlon colorstay. I will be going back to that brand. I wish I would have researched Rimmel product before buying.

  12. DEBBIE C. says:

    I do love this up to the point where you need to sharpen it. All I get is a mushy, gooey, unusable mess. I wish it were designed like their Exaggerate line. It would be absolutely perfect!

    • I read on another website to put the eye pencil in the refrigerator before sharpening it for about an hour or two and that should prevent it breaking or falling apart. Use a sharpener for eye pencils. You can get them in the eye makeup dept. anywhere.
      I sharpened my new Rimmel Scandal Eyes after using it 1 week, I put it in the refrigerator and then left it there for about 1-1/2 hours. It sharpened beautifully and did not break. THIS NEW WATERPROOF BLACK SCANDAL EYES IS THE BEST BEST BEST. I love it!

  13. DEBBIE C. says:

    I put it in the freezer overnight. I only use sharpeners designed for eye pencils. It still didn’t work. It only made the plastic harder to shave off and the rest was still just a mushy mess, unfortunately. It’s pretty disappointing, especially seeing how wonderful it was when I first bought and used it.

    • The freezer made the plastic too hard. And still the pencil was too mushy. I have an old eye pencil sharpener from a place my daughter worked for—- Noevir. I have had it for years. I wonder if different colors sharpen better than others. I used black. Maybe try a new sharpener.

      • DEBBIE C. says:

        You may be right. I’ve used the black before and it was a pain to deal with, too, but I did have better results sharpening it. It was still mushy and messy, but at least I had some product to work with. I’ll give it another shot and maybe try a new sharpener. I really want this stuff to work. They’re great colors and work really well as eyeliners…at least the colors I’ve used so far. Thanks for the tips.

      • If you have a Sally Beauty Supply nearby, they have good eye pencils that you can sharpen and they are $2.99 or $2.49 with Sally discount card.

  14. The little gamut. says:

    I bought one of these and really loved it! However, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to freakin’ sharpen the thing. So…for, like, 10 minutes I was trying to twist the bottom of the pencil waiting for more to pop out on top. Nothing. I thought maybe the one I bought was defective. Then I resorted to sharpening it with an eyeliner sharpener. Did that and it ruined the top! LUCKILY, I bought it from Wal-Mart so it was super easy to return and get my money back. I really didn’t want to return it because these eyeliner is great, but I don’t know if it’s worth all the hassle of sharpening it.

  15. Alissa Koski says:

    Thank you for the post! I’ve been trying to figure out how to twist the eyeliner up on this eyeliner! It sure looks like it should twist up. I love this black eyeliner, stays put on my eyes. I’ll try sharpening it =)

  16. Lesley says:

    ok, I may be dense and making this way too hard. If the hard plastic part around the actual color doesn’t sharpen and there’s no way to push up the color, how and what exactly are you sharpening? My logical brain is saying once you use the product and the tip is gone, then you have to sharpen the plastic to actually get more pencil tip out in order to use it. Right? Urggggh! HELP!

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